"Alendent" company was established in 2004. It imports and sales dental products and equipments. It cooperates with several foreign companies. It is mainly the distributor of  Pentron (USA), Anthogyr (France), Dentkist (Korea), Vericom (Korea), Deldent (Israel), KoushanFan Pars Co (Iran), Micro-NX (Korea), Bluex (Italia),3M Imtec, 3M Espe, 3M Unitek (USA, Germany), TPC (USA), Genoray (Korea), FGM (Brazil), Dynamic (Taiwan), Yoboshi (China), Driller (Brazil), DFL (Brazil), TOSI (China), Micro-Nx (Korea), Zeus (Italia), Yeson (China) companies in Armenia. It cooperates also with Meta Biomed Co.
       Besides foreign companies "Alendent" company has partners in Armenian market. Basically with "Edodent" shop-hall.

Address: 16/27 Mkhitar Heratsi, Tel.: (+ 374 10) 57-30-66, Tel./fax: (+ 374 10) 57-30-22, Mob.: (374 91) 40-72-91, E-mail: info@alendent.am